Conservation Corridor Map
Conservation Corridor Map

The Deep Creek area contains one of the highest concentrations of ecological wealth in Florida. Understandably, this is one of the most highly conserved areas in the southeast. Deep Creek is completely bordered by conservation lands or lands on the Board of Trustees Land Acquisition Project list! Deep Creek Conservation Area, Big Shoals State Park, Big Shoals State Forest, Big Shoals Conservation Area, Stephen F. Foster Culture Center State Park all border this plantation. A portion of Deep Creek Plantation itself is under a conservation easement. This neighborhood will not be developed. The 200,000+ Osceola National Forest is about 3 miles to the east. The O2O Project is working hard to connect a 200 mile corridor all the way to Ocala! This neighborhood is as pristine as it was over 100 years ago, yet it is less than 15 minutes to the lifeblood of the southeast- the I-75 corridor, an hour to a major city and airports, and less than three hours to Disney World where they try in large part to replicate the experience at Deep Creek!

The Plantation at Deep Creek is widely regarded as is one of the crown jewels of this area's ecological wealth and one of the largest privately held properties on the Suwannee River. It contains the full spectrum of biodiversity of the Southeastern Coastal Plain and represents the best of most of the natural ecosystems of Florida.

There is a myriad of rich, diverse and rare habitats located here. Rarely is so much diversity found on one property.

  1. Longleaf Pine wiregrass
  2. High Quality Successional Forest
  3. Xeric Hammocks
  4. Mesic Flatwoods
  5. Beech/Hickory and Magnolia Forests
  6. Seepage Slopes and Streams
  7. Strand and Floodplain Swamps
  8. River Floodplain
  9. Live Oak Cabbage Palm Hammocks
  10. Blackwater Streams
  11. Old Field Lands
  12. Historic Ferry Crossing
  13. Historic Boat Landing
  14. Cypress Domes
  15. Baygall
  16. Enfemeral pools